Sami Khoury is a software engineering lead in the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft. Interlaced Digital, LLC, is a covert shadow[1] organization under which he pursues technology consulting and development, freelance photography, and the dissemination to the wider world of his family recipes. His photographic work has enjoyed the patronage of private collectors, galleries, cafes, hospitals, and universities around the U.S.

This website is built on Microsoft's Azure hosting platform using NodeJS, Git, Bash, PowerShell, GNU Emacs 24.3.1, Windows 8.1, and the Photographer's Toolkit.

The photos you see on this site, from the random choosing of an image on the home page, to the photos that accompany the recipes, to the metadata-driven views you see at are produced by the Photographer's Toolkit, a set of web and desktop technologies that assist photographers in processing, annotating, indexing, publishing and searching of image files.

[1] "If you're all covert and shadowy, why do you have a website," you ask. That's a great question. I'll defer to the experts.