Shortie, Mark II: an extension for the Bing toolbar that allows you to add as a button on the toolbar a shortcut to the page that you are currently viewing.

This allows you to ditch the Favorites bar and leave more screen real estate for viewing pages.

To install, just download the zip file and extract it to %localappdata%\microsoft\bingbar\apps; then restart your browser.

The Photographer's Toolkit, v3.4.1: a command-line program for processing large numbers of images at a time. You can resize, crop, add text, add borders, etc, to thousands of images all in one go. The photos you see on this web site were processed with this tool. The ability on this site to query for photos taken at a given time or place is also available through this tool. This allows you to search through your photos based on when they were taken, which camera you used, the exposure settings, and so on. You can also annotate each photo with general purpose tags - whatever will help you find the photo later.

This means that you can search for images by issuing queries that express questions like, "What photos did I take with my Canon 10D in Shanghai in July 2008?", "Which cameras did I shoot with during the entire year of 2015?" and, "What is the fastest exposure I used while shooting in Seattle?".

To install, just download the zip file, extract it to your desktop, and put img.exe somewhere in your path (I just put it in c:\windows). Then, open a command shell and enter "img". See the tutorial for lots of examples.

Icon courtesy of pelfusion:

Fixie Builder, v1.1.0.0: rapidly select among colors, bar styles, and rim depths in order to design your next fixie. Save your designs for calling up later. Download it from the Windows Phone app store.